This winter, Equity’s Secretary-Treasurer, Sandra Karas, gave a series of wonderful seminars on performing artist taxes. Sandra has been a tax preparer specializing in performers’ taxes for decades, AND she is an attorney. She leads the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) office in the Equity Building. She’s been doing my taxes for 25 years, and I love her. So watch and learn. If you don’t have a preparer who specializes in performing artists, GET ONE. I guarantee you’re leaving money on the table! Above is part 1. Parts 2-5 are below. The page on the equity web site is here.

VITA is free, and you can still walk in–get there in the morning and sign up on the walk in list, and they will see you in between their appointments for the day. Don’t wait until April, because things get a little more crowded and your chances of being seen get dicey. But if you KNOW you will not be owing the government money, you can file an extension and pop into the office after April 15th. [Disclaimer: this is what I occasionally do, but DO NOT construe this as qualified, professional tax advice; AGAIN, consult an expert before making your decisions. End disclaimer.]