A trustworthy and dedicated steward of your resources and interests.

With any candidate for any office, my voting criteria comes down to three items:
Trust – Do I believe you enough to follow you?
Experience – What have you done?
Commitment – What’re you gonna do for me?

For more than a decade and a half, I have served on committees, Council, the Eastern Regional Board, and as a trustee of the Equity-League Pension & Heath Funds and the Equity staff pension fund. My experience with the finances of these massive funds (totaling well over $1.8 billion in assets) is based on a foundation of continuing education in investments, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and various asset classes including emerging markets, real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. I take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously, and I have proven myself a trustworthy and dedicated steward of your resources and interests.

I want to keep protecting our future, and for that I need your vote.

Here’s a little of the work I’ve been involved with over the years:

Equity Service Experience:

Council/Eastern Regional Board: 12 years: Chorus councillor-5 years; Principal councillor-7 years

Councilor Only Committees: Executive Director Review (2016), President’s Planning Committee, House Affairs

Negotiation Teams: Off-Broadway (2002, 2006, 2009-Chair, 2012-Chair, 2016-Chair), ANTC (2002–contract origin, 2005, 2016-Chair)

Committees: Online Signup Working Group, Election Procedures (Chair, 2009-2016), Off-Broadway (1st Vice Chair, 2009-2016), Media & New Tech (1st Vice Chair, 2008-2016),  Production, ACCA (Vice Chair 2008-2011), EPA, Equal Employment Opportunity, Nominating Committee (2002-member, 2009 & 2012-Chair); Joint Officers Nominating Committee (2009 & 2012-Chair)

Equity Staff Pension Fund (Trustee, 2011-Present)


** Equity-League Pension & Health Funds: Trustee (2010-Present) – Committees: Investments, Benefits, Pension Approval Sub-committee

Ongoing Investment Committee education: Wharton School Executive Education – Portfolio Concepts and Management (2014);  Alternative Investment Strategies (2015); and International & Emerging Market Investing (2016)

** Remember that the Equity-League Funds are completely separate from Actors’ Equity, though Equity Council appoints the Union Trustees.