My leadership checklist…

#1. Always move forward

Don’t get stuck in the past, or procedure, or ego. Move forward.

#2. Never take it personally

It’s never about me. If it somehow becomes about me, STOP. Step back. Take myself out of the equation. Then get back to work for the membership.

#3. There is no perfect

There is no perfect. The work is never done. No matter how good, comprehensive, progressive, or inclusive I think something is, it’s never perfect. I’m eternally grateful for the lessons the members and my colleagues have taught me in all our endeavors. Which leads me to…

#4. Everyone has a kernel of truth

Everyone speaks their own truth. It’s my job to listen until I hear it, especially when I think I don’t agree.  Sometimes their truth is based in facts and experience that I need to hear. Sometimes their truth is hidden under a mountain of misinformation, or beliefs that are empirically unsupportable. And sometimes their truth is simply that they feel hurt-angry-betrayed-confused-threatened, and it’s my job to hear that and let it inform and guide me as I…

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