BIG NEWS: This weekend your Equity ballot was mailed to you. Yes MAILED. Due to an anti-union challenge undermining established NLRB regulations, this will be a snail-mail only election. Bummer. It should be arriving in your mailbox this week. If you don’t get one by next Monday, call the office to request a replacement.

Fair warning: I will be nagging EVERYONE to get that ballot back in the mail right up to the end, so forgive my zealotry. I just think it’s important, and I hope I can convince you it is, too! 

This is a BIG election, as in 94 candidates for 47 seats nationwide, not including eight uncontested races! That’s a lot to sift through, but it is essential that you do.  

I am running for a Principal seat on Council in the Eastern region. Every candidate must run on their record and/or their ideas, and I have a long record with a depth of service that I am very proud of. With 17 years of service, including twelve on Council and eight as a trustee of the Pension & Health funds, I have a reputation of being a sought-after voice of reason, able to focus the debate on what’s really at stake. My experience with institutional investing, actuarial projections, and the challenges of providing meaningful health care in a highly challenging and expensive marketplace add to my unique skill set. I find that kind of in-the-weeds policy work incredibly fulfilling.

You may remember, I led the 2016 Off-Broadway negotiations to historic gains of up to 83%(!!), using a negotiating strategy that involved asking thousands of members of the grassroots #FairWageOnStage movement to stand up and take action. Courageously, they did. This year, I proudly stand with my incredibly accomplished and tenacious Fair Wage compatriots, as they stood by me then. 

Each of the #FWOC15 candidates comes to this election offering a unique and useful set of skills and experiences. I highly encourage you to take them ALL up on their offer, along with the #YESand councilors and the incomparable Ruth E. Kramer, Rich Topol, and Wally Dunn! They are the finest, most committed trade unionists I’ve ever worked with, and are all progressive, independent voices committed to moving Equity into a bright future. 

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And, PLEASE… feel free to share any of the above! Getting people excited about filling in circles and licking envelopes is gonna take a GROUP EFFORT!!

In Solidarity,